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Topos Builders Program

Build with the World’s First Zero-Knowledge Ecosystem

Toposware is defining the future of equitable human interaction. This decentralized future will be inclusive, secure and interoperable by design.

If you’re a Solidity developer, apply for the Topos Builders Program and receive funding, ongoing support and access to in-depth learning resources to build zk dApps and infrastructure. Become a founding member of the Toposware community.


Why Apply?

  • Secure funding to kickstart your development journey with Toposware.
  • Benefit from expert support and guidance throughout the program.
  • Accelerate your progress with learning journeys to understand the Topos stack.
  • Unlock co-promotion opportunities to amplify the visibility and impact of your project.

Trust Less. Connect More.

The Topos Builders Program

The first phase of the Topos Builders Program will prioritize specific dApps and infrastructure projects based on the areas of interest outlined below. We will also welcome open applications, allowing you to propose a project or innovative approach that aligns with our values. If selected, you will receive a grant multiplier, increasing the potential funding. 



Collectible Games

Establish a thriving community of active gamers and generate a demand for tokenized rewards that can be held and securely traded. As an early participant,  as the zkEcosystem grows, so does the userbase, and the value of rewards.

NFT Marketplaces

Create a marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs such as art, music, and more. If you're looking for a decentralized and secure environment for creators and collectors using zk, then you're in the right place.


If you're interested in creating DEXs with Zero-Knowledge that provides increased security, transparency and user control over funds while reducing the risk of hacks or manipulation, then start building with Topos. 


Connecting Topos to the rest of the web will be critical to decentralizing data. Deploying Oracles provides an essential service to users of the wider zkEcosystem, leading to increased adoption as outsiders become insiders. 

Connector Grants

Topos is the universal standard for a connected world which enables connection. Therefore, to maximize a connected world we want builders who enhance - trustlessness, inclusively, security, and efficiency.