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Topos Builders Program

Build with the World’s First Zero-Knowledge Ecosystem

Toposware is defining the future of equitable human interaction. This decentralized future will be inclusive, secure and interoperable by design.

If you’re a Solidity developer, apply for the Topos Builders Program and receive funding, ongoing support and access to in-depth learning resources to build zk dApps and infrastructure. Become a founding member of the Toposware community.

Applications for the first cohort are now closed. Sign up to be part of the waitlist for the second cohort of the Topos Builders Program. 


The Benefits of Building on Topos 

Uniform Security

The safety of the Topos ecosystem is independent of the security of the participating blockchains (called subnets). It is computationally infeasible for malicious subnets to create invalid state transitions or to create conflicting states to double spend across the ecosystem.


Topos provides an impressive degree of scalability and can handle an arbitrarily large number of blockchains without compromising performance.

Privacy through Zero-Knowledge Proofs

In the context of Topos, ZKPs are used to prove that transactions are valid and their outcomes computed according to the rules of their subnet, all while keeping sensitive transaction details hidden. This technology represents a significant advancement in maintaining user privacy while retaining the ability to transparently verify the transaction history. Unlock co-promotion opportunities to amplify the visibility and impact of your project.


Sovereign blockchains in the Topos ecosystem gain friction-free and secure interoperability out of the box.


Trust Less. Connect More.

The Topos Builders Program

The Topos Builders Program was launched in September 2023 and was oversubscribed by an overwhelming 500%. The first phase prioritized specific dApps and infrastructure, while the second phase will be community-driven. The second part of the grants will kick off in January 2023 where. we will welcome applications, allowing you to propose a project or innovative approach that aligns with Topos values. 

Connector Grants

Topos is the universal standard for a connected world which enables connection. Therefore, to maximize a connected world we want builders who enhance - trustlessness, inclusively, security, and efficiency. 

Community Grants

These grants will be voted on by the Topos community to foster innovative ideas that align with the Topos protocol mission: creating seamless and secure interchain communication without relying on trust in validators.